Knead to Know Beginner Cookbook


Looking to get into bread baking, but already have the tools & ingredients? Get started with our cookbook instead! We designed this book from the ground up with beginner home bakers in mind. Step-by-step, we walk you through all the basics of bread baking, using each recipe as a lesson to build up your skills.

It includes six lessons paired with classic bread recipes, including:

  • Focaccia
  • Pan Loaf (sandwich bread)
  • Everyday Rolls
  • Hearth Loaf
  • Batard
  • Baguette

Create an account on our website to access full-length recipe videos for each, additional troubleshooting, tips & tricks, photos, recipe variations, and baker support. 

We believe that baking can fit into anyone's crazy schedule, so we designed this book with your busy life in mind. Every recipe includes a baker's timetable with multiple baking schedules to fit into your day.

Our book is all about you! We keep it short, sweet, and focused on the content that brings you value. No 50 page introductions, no dense paragraphs you have to sift through to find the next step, no thousand dollar industrial equipment. Our recipes were developed in home kitchens for home kitchens and are photographed to show you the reality of home baking, not a perfect mirage.

We keep it simple! So many "beginner" cookbooks have you worrying about the temperature to half a degree, precise ratios, complex ingredients, and more. We want baking to be fun and approachable, so we developed the entire series using the same four ingredient base and minimal changes. As you get more confident with the recipes, we offer more in-depth variations on our site and blog.