Knead to Know: Beginner Baking Series


We believe that anyone can be a successful home baker and we designed this product to make it easier than ever before to give it a try. You'll find all the tools and ingredients you knead to learn to bake six classic bread recipes that will be the talk of the dinner table.


We don't believe in 200 page cookbooks, complicated recipes, and unrealistic, manicured photos. We know you're busy. We know you want better ingredients. We've got you covered.


Breadbox is the excuse you needed to throw that dinner party you've been wanting to host, the personal touch to a family get-together, the side dish at your friend's cocktail party, and that middle-of-the-week escape from reality. Bread baking isn't just a hobby for us, it is a catalyst for human connection and a way to share a piece of yourself with those around you. We can't wait to bake with you.



  • Full hardcover cookbook
  • Six pre-measured ingredient packs
  • 5 specialty baking tools
  • Free web account with full how-to videos, additional recipes, and baker support
  • Free shipping on all orders