Breadbox started with the goal of making home bread baking more approachable and less intimidating. We work to create an experience through our products that connects people, teaches them a new skill, and sheds light on the importance of transparently sourced, quality ingredients.

Our founder, Andrew, fell in love with bread baking as a hobby a few years ago. It was his weekly escape from the stresses of a job with long hours and little predictability. As he shared fresh bread with friends & family, he realized that most people he talked to had never tried bread baking before and were intimidated by the idea. In this moment, the vision for Breadbox was born.

We are trying to break down barriers to baking better bread with better ingredients at home. Too many people are buying sugar-filled, preservative-laden breads at the store and we want them to feel empowered to try baking on their own. We strongly believe in the health benefits of baking with whole grain flours and simple ingredients, so it is our mission to make those both more sought after and more widely available to consumers.

Ultimately we want to enable more people to make their own food, eat a healthier, more transparently sourced product, and come together in community over shared meals. We hope you'll join us on this journey to bring bread home!