Breadbox was started out of a love for creating, sharing, and eating bread. After learning to bake in our own kitchens, we fell in love with the process and set out on a mission to simplify and build an experience for others. Our goals are to teach our customers a new skill, foster connection and community through food, provide top quality ingredients, and help you fit baking healthier bread into your daily life.

Though we are starting with baking kits, our eyes are set on the bread industry as a whole. We hope to usher in a new era in the bread industry - one that values freshness, quality, and community over long shelf life and mass production. Join us in our journey to bring better bread home for everyone!

Our Four Pillars


Healthier Eating. We believe that healthier habits start with foods you want to eat. That's why we are creating products that promote home baking with simple, quality ingredients. Ultimately we hope to convert all of our customers into whole grain, sourdough bread fanatics to realize the health benefits of whole grain flours and probiotic benefits of using natural starter (yeast).

Better Taste. We believe that bread tastes better made at home and our mission is to provide our bakers with all the tools and support they need to make the best tasting bread they can.

Always Learning. We believe that life is about always learning and challenging ourselves in new ways. Baking bread is unique in that you can always get better. No matter how long you've been baking, you can learn ways to improve. We've applied this mindset to building Breadbox as a business and hope that our bakers adopt this mindset while using our products and beyond.

Building Community. Bread is an inherently social food that has been bringing people together organically for thousands of years. Joining in community over a meal is a fundamental part of the human experience and nothing gives us more joy than providing products to our bakers to facilitate that. 

These four pillars make up the core of the Breadbox experience and everything that we do is in support of these concepts and ideals. Thank you for being a part of our journey to bring bread home.