It's been a few thousand years. Bread is due for an upgrade.

Designed from the ground up with you in mind.

Your life is busy enough as it is, so why add more stress to your plate? We completely re-imagined the baking experience to develop a product that anyone can make at home, no matter how crazy your schedule is.

Because time with friends & family should always be the main course.

We believe in the power of good food to bring people together, so spend your time where it counts. Our pre-measured ingredients, simple recipes, and flexible baking options put you in charge of the kitchen.

Learn something new. On your terms.

We'll walk you through six recipes, each focusing on a fundamental baking skill. Use our full-length cookbook, watch our detailed how-to videos, or access content online; whichever way you learn best.

You bring the wine, we got the rest.

About our Baking kit

What You'll Learn


Learn the basics of mixing and kneading dough with our quick focaccia recipe. We'll walk you through the process and share unique recipe variations that will spice up any dinner party.

Pan Loaf

Get a crash course in shaping and baking a full loaf of bread with this unbelievably simple recipe. Prepare yourself for the best grilled cheese of your life!

Everyday Rolls

Learn about how to cut and shape your dough into rolls and the basics of creating steam in your oven. We'll also teach you how to make simple adjustments to the recipe to get amazing buns, sandwich rolls, and pizza too!

Hearth Loaf

Get your introduction to no-knead bread with this hearth loaf. You'll learn how to shape, score, and bake with steam in your oven. It is one of the least time consuming and most delicious ways to make bread!


This is your introduction to more advanced shaping techniques. Great for crostinis, bruschetta, charcuterie, garlic bread, or large sandwiches, you'll never run out of ways to use this recipe.


As the grand finale of our beginner kit, this baguette recipe truly puts all of your previously learned skills to the test. You'll be sure to impress friends and family with this incredible, easily shareable bread.


What we're baking